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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Do be sure to come out on the other side!

"No one can tell what goes on between the person you were
and the person you become.
No one can chart that lonely section of hell.
There are no maps of the change.
You just...come out the other side. Or you don't." Stephen King

Trying to lose weight and get fit can sometimes feel lonely and downright 'hellish'. No one can really describe what you go through whether you are fighting temptation and you're pulling you're hair out until the point when you DO get through it OR if you succumb to temptation and you have a nibble or two and you feel guilty or defeated or if you have a full blown binge or go completely off the rails and then you feel you're at the point where you DON'T 'come out the other side'.
When you DO come out without succumbing, you feel fantastic!! This also gives momentum and strength to keep succeeding.
But, PLEASE, if you relapse, don't feel you've completely failed. Get right back on track, but don't do it alone. Call a friend. Call someone who knows what you're going through. Go visit someone. Get out of the house. Book a facial or haircut. Go shopping. Go to church. Do some volunteer work.
Whatever, don't get to the point where you 'DON'T' for good!!