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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Deep Breath

STOP whatever you're doing and just take a long, thoughtful, cleansing DEEP BREATH. Close your eyes, count to 10, and rest your weary mind. The rest of the day -- the rest of your life can wait -- until you take a few precious moments to get it together. Think of yourself happy. Think of a time in your life when you felt good -- really good -- about yourself and your place in the world. Capture the feeling, smile again with it, keep smiling. It's a reality again! You're still that YOU -- happy, feeling good, and looking good. Be good to yourself and to your body. Be balanced, be healthy, be good for you. Lift up your craving(s) to the skies above and let it float away. Give yourself a great big HUG! You are now truly comforted. Get up, walk on, and get on with the rest of your great day and wonderful life.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Some days are just harder than others

I don't know about you, but there are days that I just feel like sliding back to bad habits -- comfort eating, nibbling out of boredom, feeling GUILTY because I really shouldn't be bored -- there's SO much to do -- in the world and just in my own life and then THAT, in itself, makes me want to eat!! It's just crazy and inexplicable. Most times, I am able to fight off the urge to backslide. Sometimes, however, I give in!! FORTUNATELY, my 'lapses' are not bad -- like they used to be when I was just plain living a whole lifestyle of 'lapses'. My body actually can't handle huge amounts of junk anymore and after a few bites of this, a few bites of that -- I feel gross. Before, I could eat a WHOLE whatever and STILL have room for more.
I've worked way too hard to get fitter and I just don't want to ever be back 'there' again. So, ok -- I messed up. Today, I'm RIGHT back on track. It's how you handle lapses that make the difference as to whether your'e going to SUSTAIN success and KEEP succeeding or KEEP messing up until you're back to square 1. Ugggghhh -- what a dreadful prospect -- continuing to go backward -- in a bad way -- being 'there' again. I can't live that anymore. It's not going to happen!!! I'm getting up now and going for a walk -- to clear my head and to reflect on what works for me and then to live life again so that I can feel happy and on track toward acheiving again. It's not easy, folks, is it!!! But if I can't and won't just get on with it -- who's going to do it for me -- NO ONE! I'll check in with you soon and I'll let you know if I've lost anymore fat weight -- Are you with me?!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Mix It Up, Too, with Protein Snacks

Just because I recommended previously that high-COMPLEX carb snacks can help fill you up (and NOT OUT) when you're trying to stave off those hunger pangs or cravings to eat, doesn't mean you can't ALSO go for some lean protein type snack. This is the beauty of food -- there is no ONE category of food that is meant to be eaten exclusively, or even one category at a time, like so many of the fad diets proclaim. All foods can be enjoyed and need to be appreciated for the wonderful, unique qualities they have. When trying to lose flab, there IS no magic bullet but DISCIPLINE and mixing it up with your food -- provided you don't mix it up with high fat, high salt, high SIMPLE sugars and the types of foods one classes as 'junk foods' (ie --foods -- if you can call them foods!-- high in kcalories and low in nutrients) --you know what I'm talking about -- chips, candy, chocolate nut bars, ice cream, donuts, cakes, cookies, etc., etc. Soooo, if you're hankering for something 'protein-ish', make a 2-egg omelette loaded with vegetables -- even sliced pan-fried potatoes. Here's what you do:

Wash and dry one medium thin-skinned potato. Slice thinly.

Spray a non-stick skillet with a spray fat of some sort -- any type will do -- ie, the oil based or the butter-flavored.

Pan-fry potato slices until brown and softened. Set aside.

Spray skillet again. Add a combination of your choice of any vegetables -- sliced onions, peppers, asparagus, green beans, tomatoes, broccoli -- all work well as well as any others of your liking. Stir-fry or sautee until softened, but not too mushy. Can add scant water so pan doesn't get too dry with veggie ingredients. Once veggies soft, add potaotoes back in. Season with salt, pepper, and herbs of your choice -- fresh or dried rosemary is nice.

Break 2 eggs into small bowl. Add a dash of non-fat milk and mix it all up with a fork or whisk. Add to veggie mixture in skillet and cook until eggs sets according to your liking (some people like their omelette 'wetter' than others). Slide onto a plate and enjoy!!!

While savouring each bite, visualize yourself toned and fit and HAPPY and full! When finished, clean your plate and walk away and on!!!!! Get out of the kitchen and cupboards!!!!!

How's that for a COMPLETE recipe!!!! to keep you on the fit and trim trail. Hope this helps.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Carbohydrates can help!!

When you're really trying to lose the flab and you get a hankering to eat -- why not try to make a high complex-carb snack!!!! The KEY is to choose COMPLEX carbs -- foods that have a high fiber content, no or very low fat, and a high nutritional value. These are foods like whole-wheat pastas, beans, vegetables, and high-fiber crackers and granola bars (NOT those high in fat, but the ones that are 120 kcals or less and 3-5 gms fiber per bar -- ex. the Curves bars or the South Beach Diet bars, Alpen Light bars, Special K Bliss bars).
So, boil up a couple handfuls of whole-wheat penne. Add some edamame to the boiling pasta. Drain. Then add some reduced-fat bean soup of some kind to the pasta as a sauce. Simmer till heated through. Take off heat and add a few tablespoons of fat-free plain yogurt and a sprinkling of parmesean cheese. Enjoy!!!! This will really help to fill you up while you get your motivation and momentum back to stick to your healthy eating program.
If you're STILL hungry -- go and take a walk, drink a glass of water, or stick your head in the toilet!!!! --(just kidding). Just DON'T EAT those chips, leftover pizza (yuk), chocolate cupcakes, or creampuffs -- please -- it's NOT worth it and you'll feel LOUSY afterward. Plus, it might trigger you to keep on junk eating, you'll feel even lousier, and so on and so on!!! Be strong!!! Losing weight takes discipline, too!!! Twitter or blog or FB someone!!! There's no excuse these days to substitute food for lonliness. :)