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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Carbohydrates can help!!

When you're really trying to lose the flab and you get a hankering to eat -- why not try to make a high complex-carb snack!!!! The KEY is to choose COMPLEX carbs -- foods that have a high fiber content, no or very low fat, and a high nutritional value. These are foods like whole-wheat pastas, beans, vegetables, and high-fiber crackers and granola bars (NOT those high in fat, but the ones that are 120 kcals or less and 3-5 gms fiber per bar -- ex. the Curves bars or the South Beach Diet bars, Alpen Light bars, Special K Bliss bars).
So, boil up a couple handfuls of whole-wheat penne. Add some edamame to the boiling pasta. Drain. Then add some reduced-fat bean soup of some kind to the pasta as a sauce. Simmer till heated through. Take off heat and add a few tablespoons of fat-free plain yogurt and a sprinkling of parmesean cheese. Enjoy!!!! This will really help to fill you up while you get your motivation and momentum back to stick to your healthy eating program.
If you're STILL hungry -- go and take a walk, drink a glass of water, or stick your head in the toilet!!!! --(just kidding). Just DON'T EAT those chips, leftover pizza (yuk), chocolate cupcakes, or creampuffs -- please -- it's NOT worth it and you'll feel LOUSY afterward. Plus, it might trigger you to keep on junk eating, you'll feel even lousier, and so on and so on!!! Be strong!!! Losing weight takes discipline, too!!! Twitter or blog or FB someone!!! There's no excuse these days to substitute food for lonliness. :)

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