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Thursday, 25 September 2008

"I eat flowers now and birds follow me." Mark Nepo

Oh how I love the words from the poem "Surviving Has Made Me Crazy' by Mark Nepo.
For me, it says it all. That is, now that I've finally 'gotten it' -- duh-- after all these years, I eat healthy -- I eat and enjoy my food, while keeping food in perspective. Food is a gift and a pleasure, so like beautiful flowers -- and needs to be enjoyed as such and respected. To OVEREAT is like taking away the simple beauty of a lovely bunch of flowers by piling bunch upon bunch on top of each other, losing sight of the simple, exquisite beauty of one or one bunch. Take care with lovely food, take in only as much as your exquisite body needs to flourish and thrive and be glorified! Nurture yourself, yes, of course, but don't 'smother' yourself. And guess what happens -- you will become the radiant beauty, the gorgeous specimen of your species, the deep pink perfect rose or the glossy flawless white gardenia standing out proud and firm and healthy..... and all the birds, twirping merrily as they fly by, will stop in awe and follow.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

That's right, as in itsy weeny teeny weenie! I'm aiming to wear that on the beach next summer!! Now, mind you, I don't know if I'll really actually don one, but the point that I'll BE ABLE TO if I fancy it, is the kick! Truthfully, to me, looking great physically doesn't mean one has to flaunt it, shamelessley. If one 'has it', people seem to notice you anyway, especially if you dress well and take care of basic grooming. These are habits that don't take alot of money or time -- even inexpensive clothes look great on a toned and fit body and when one is healthy, the skin is smoother, the face glows, and eyes sparkle. Eating balanced and healthy and getting proper exercise are the absolute best beauty treatments out there! No amount of facials, injections, extractions, plastics, etc., etc. replaces the tangible, visible effects of healthy lifestyle. People are just plain stupid if they can't see the value for money in that!!!! Guess what, folks -- there's alot of stupid people out there! I know, I was one of them. Even with all my knowledge, credentials, and degrees in medicine and nutrition, I got 'stupid' for a number of years. I let myself go. It's an awful feeling when you feel a certain 'person' from the inside and your outward 'you' shows the world someone else. The end result is that you become 'invisible' -- like the two opposing images of 'you' clash and implode one another to, basically, destroy both -- there are no 'winners'. It's no way to live and I wanted 'out'....soooo, I started practicing what I preach!!! Actually, for the years that I became obese, I stopped practicing -- I couldn't get up in front of people to give a talk about nutrition when I, myself, embodied the opposite. In all fairness, I DID eat healthy -- just too much food! And, I'm a comfort eater and I got into comforting myself a WHOLE lot those days (also with chocolates, chips, and other high calorie, high-fat food). I even stopped seeing private clients, even though the minute I clicked into mode, patients totally forgot what I looked like -- they KNEW I knew my stuff and would be someone who could help them, even if I, paradoxically, couldn't seem to help myself. In that way, I found most people quite understanding and forgiving. But, I stopped seeing private clients, too -- even if I was helping them -- isn't that pathetic?! I mean, talk about 'flaunting' self-importance! But, you see, it was ME who was relentlessley unforgiving of my own frailty. I didn't even care that I was blessed with my education and 'knack' for successfully treating folks, I was so stuck on myself and my 'poor me' situation. I was physiological/psychological hell and the door to the 'way out' seemed hermetically sealed and I was getting more and more claustrophobic and weaker and weaker, and well, willing to 'evaporate'! So, you know what I did?! I just 'let go'. I begged to Whatever/Whoever from above and beyond me. I guess what I did was -- I gave it all up to God. Now, I know what you're thinking -- what!!!! -- a religious nut! Think what you may, I'm the last person you'd ever meet who would strike you as such, but I am CONVINCED there is a wonderful, loving God who took me in hand and brought me back. Funny thing is, I've actually tried NOT to believe in God, being all skeptical and uber-questioning every little discrepancy and 'man-made' need for this and for that, but, in the end, God's belief in ME, in the goodness of the crazy nut (me) He created -- brought me back to Him. I can't explain it, I can only live it -- and I have faith. So, my dear friends, it's about faith! I'm living the truth of my body, nutrition (as much as is known), and fitness, and the rest (the vibrancy, the glow, the healthiness, the joy) just, thankfully, comes with the package. Wow, what a fantastic surprise!!!!