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Thursday, 25 September 2008

"I eat flowers now and birds follow me." Mark Nepo

Oh how I love the words from the poem "Surviving Has Made Me Crazy' by Mark Nepo.
For me, it says it all. That is, now that I've finally 'gotten it' -- duh-- after all these years, I eat healthy -- I eat and enjoy my food, while keeping food in perspective. Food is a gift and a pleasure, so like beautiful flowers -- and needs to be enjoyed as such and respected. To OVEREAT is like taking away the simple beauty of a lovely bunch of flowers by piling bunch upon bunch on top of each other, losing sight of the simple, exquisite beauty of one or one bunch. Take care with lovely food, take in only as much as your exquisite body needs to flourish and thrive and be glorified! Nurture yourself, yes, of course, but don't 'smother' yourself. And guess what happens -- you will become the radiant beauty, the gorgeous specimen of your species, the deep pink perfect rose or the glossy flawless white gardenia standing out proud and firm and healthy..... and all the birds, twirping merrily as they fly by, will stop in awe and follow.

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