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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weight Loss...I Want For You What YOU Want For You!!

When people tell me they are going on the newest popular 'diet' or on some fad diet or they come to me and ask me to put them on such a 'diet', I used to cringe.  But, now, I finally, after ALL THESE YEARS, get it! I now use this information wisely, and more importantly, to the advantage of my client(s) to truly help them achieve what they want. For, I now know what they are REALLY asking for and want: to lose weight fast and/or as much weight as they can in a short period of time! You know -- magic -- the proverbial silver bullet?!  Haha! 

And, you know what? This, actually, is, quite useful. Quick-starting a good weight loss can really be motivating and a helpful segueway into getting people to follow a balanced, sustainable healthy way of eating -- for continued weight-loss (primarily fat loss) and, ultimately, for weight maintenance with an optimal muscle:fat ratio and a healthy way of eating -- for life.

I want for you what YOU want for you!! And I am open and willing to do my utmost to help you get it! :) 
So, I do keep in my 'tool box' some options for initial rapid weight loss:  1) a hypocaloric diet that I, myself, have developed based on what I believe is an optimal proportion of carbohydrate:protein:fat that affords a very quick weight loss result-- mainly fat loss; 2) a quick weight-loss plan based on and around proprietary products such as shakes, bars, soups, oatmeal, packaged snacks, etc; 3) plans based on 'diet' meal delivery programs; 4) plans based on whatever a client tells me is their 'go-to' quick weight loss regime -- even plans that include some sort of fasting period(s). If a client needs medical supervision, in any way, I make sure they get it. But, usually, I am totally involved in the short period of time a client follows such a plan and have 'tweaked'  any extreme regimes that are outlandish, crazy, or downright dangerous to be less extreme, more agreeable, but as effective, if not even more-effective versions of the diet, so medical tests and supervision are not necessary. Being an experienced, properly trained and educated RD(N) and longstanding member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Association for the Study of Obesity helps...alot! I rely on keeping up-to-date on ever-evolving evidenced-based approaches and my large network of experienced colleagues, as much as I do on my strong background and long years of clinical practice and expertise. 

And I keep well in perspective that any quick weight-loss plan is a means to an end. The endgame, here, being that people feel good quite early-on and then, they actually appreciate balanced, healthy eating with its variety of textures, flavors, colours, and tastes once they see how boring, unsatisfying, and unappealing fad diets truly are! Moreover, people DO lose weight rather quickly with fad diets, but they are also quick to realize that these are diets that do not yield lasting results and are just not sustainable in the long term. Most folks quickly regain weight if they 'cheat' or even as I 'wean' them onto more balanced plans. The good thing is -- as long as they undergo these diets under my supervision, I prepare people for these realities and explain, up-front, the truth of the quick weight-losses  -- ie -- the 'weight' can come from water loss or fluctuations. And we work through this, together. A person is not left to feel they failed, yet again :(... or that fitness and a trim body is something they will never achieve. We also discuss the fall-out of regimes that are SO strict that they often result in people feeling lousy and often how these extreme plans actually encourage binge-ing. This cycle of fast:feast is so counterproductive, hormonally, for the body. It is MUCH better to get the necessary balance of carbs, protein, and good fats in the diet -- even when on a quick weight-loss plan. Depending on the baseline condition of a person, genetic pre-disposition, a person's age, sex, and level of physical activity-- certain people respond better to a balanced diet with a higher protein skew -- so I include carbs, but ONLY enough to take that craving edge off their appetite and to give the body what it needs to physiologically kick in the hormones that help to make that happen! Other people may respond better to a balanced diet, yet a bit higher in their proportion of carbohydrates, which, for them, works to keep hormonal balance and cravings in check.

A big goal of getting people to eat healthy-for-life is to STOP folks from thinking about food all the time! When people go on extreme plans -- they end up thinking more about food than is emotionally or psychologically healthy and, in the end, (with the help of, as I mentioned above, the physiological processes happening in the body), the self-fulfilling prophecy kicks in and people just end up binge-ing/gorging on food, caving in to cravings, and/or return to old weight-gaining eating habits because of all the ' food cue-ing' happening in their brains. The importance of having a good RD(N) supervising, when people are on quick weight-loss plans, is that we can help you to be aware and mindful of what's happening, and work you through the process until you succeed at the initial goal of quick weight-loss. We help in minimizing the rebound effects of spurious 'weight-loss' and help you keep most of this initial weight off, which maximizes the whole point of this initial great result, in moving forward to an optimal diet plan for life. We can continue to work with you on a long-term, sustainable plan for continued weight-loss, followed by an enjoyable weight-maintenance plan, until you are confident you have mastered your healthy-eating plan for life!

Working with an RD(N) to objectively assess, monitor, re-assess, and coach you through this process, can be the difference between lasting results and a temporary quick 'fix' that goes awry within a month or two!

So, I believe the services of an open-minded,  experienced RD(N), can help you feel safe and free to choose a quick weight-loss plan. Working together with an RD(N), you can make the plan work the way YOU want it to work and you will get the results you are looking for, but it will be a safer and more effective process than doing it on your own. Losing the weight and keeping it off will be a much more positive experience and will give you energy and momentum to be and STAY healthy and fit -- for life! 

If you have further questions or comments, feel free to ask:

Star Bene! 

Mary-Jo Overwater-Gervasio, MSc, MMSc, RD