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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Some days are just harder than others

I don't know about you, but there are days that I just feel like sliding back to bad habits -- comfort eating, nibbling out of boredom, feeling GUILTY because I really shouldn't be bored -- there's SO much to do -- in the world and just in my own life and then THAT, in itself, makes me want to eat!! It's just crazy and inexplicable. Most times, I am able to fight off the urge to backslide. Sometimes, however, I give in!! FORTUNATELY, my 'lapses' are not bad -- like they used to be when I was just plain living a whole lifestyle of 'lapses'. My body actually can't handle huge amounts of junk anymore and after a few bites of this, a few bites of that -- I feel gross. Before, I could eat a WHOLE whatever and STILL have room for more.
I've worked way too hard to get fitter and I just don't want to ever be back 'there' again. So, ok -- I messed up. Today, I'm RIGHT back on track. It's how you handle lapses that make the difference as to whether your'e going to SUSTAIN success and KEEP succeeding or KEEP messing up until you're back to square 1. Ugggghhh -- what a dreadful prospect -- continuing to go backward -- in a bad way -- being 'there' again. I can't live that anymore. It's not going to happen!!! I'm getting up now and going for a walk -- to clear my head and to reflect on what works for me and then to live life again so that I can feel happy and on track toward acheiving again. It's not easy, folks, is it!!! But if I can't and won't just get on with it -- who's going to do it for me -- NO ONE! I'll check in with you soon and I'll let you know if I've lost anymore fat weight -- Are you with me?!

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