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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Post 2008 Olympics Reflections

Hi Everyone,

Well, the Olympics are over and we enjoyed watching those athletes create new world records. At some points while watching, I found myself saying 'these people are just SO GOOD at this or that (whatever/whoever I was watching be it Michael Phelps in the pool or the gymnasts, etc), they must be CRAZY to spend so much time, energy, and focus to reach the levels of achievement in their respective sports. But, then I thought -- are they? Not at all -- they're not crazy -- they just see themselves as WINNERS! They see themselves as the people they WANT to be. They strive to be their 'personal best' because they feel they CAN! It's actually quite pure and simple. The notion of 'personal best' is cool. It means you're not really so much in a race or comparison with others as much as you are with yourself. It allows one to look inward -- to take time, energy, and to care and to LOVE oneself. This is much better than achieving success or accomplishments because one feels they have to be the best above all the rest or others. The dynamic of comparison and wanting to win, no matter who or what is hurt in the process (especially who -- very cruel thinking) can invite nastiness and negativity. Thinking in terms of 'personal best' is much more constructive. I believe each one of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, thinks about what our own 'personal best' version of us we are. It's such a great feeling when we look and feel our best. We are truly filled with happiness when we know we've achieved success at something we've worked hard at. When we visualize ourselves at our 'personal best', we feel good. We all actually WANT this for ourselves and CAN have it for ourselves. The difficulties arrive in knowing HOW to become our 'personal best'. Well, finally after years of fumbling and losing my way, I feel so good about saying that I've found out HOW and I'm DOING it!!! You know what I've found out?? Living out the 'journey' is almost as rewarding as achieving my 'pb'. The day-to-day decisions and behaviour that go along with doing what it takes to realize the vision of myself at my 'pb' has made life so rich and full and just so joyful, in and of itself!!! I KNOW I'm on my way to becoming my personal best!! And I'm so filled with energy and zeal, I want to share it with EVERYONE. I can help you. Just let me know. I know how and what to do. Just let me know if you need help. And know this -- it doesn't take 'craziness' to get to this level -- it takes truth and awareness, and commitment, and staying the course and, darn, it feels so good -- great, in fact -- IT'S SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

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