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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Let Go and Let Life Unfold

"...the real challenge of surrender , for all of us, is not just letting go -- but letting go of something we yearn for...we only have to let go of what we want so badly and our life will unfold." Mark Nepo

I'm all for focusing on what we want out of life and going after it -- doing what needs to be done to achieve it. But, sometimes, there's something we want SO badly, SO much -- RIGHT AWAY -- and JUST SO -- that we can become obsessed, overwhelmed, frenzied, and in fact, totally ineffective and paralyzed in making it happen. And, THEN, we're just miserable and feel self-defeated, hopeless, unaccomplished, and incapable.

This often happens with those of us who want to lose weight or achieve a certain fitness level -- a certain look or feeling of wellness -- for ourselves. We try and try and try everything, anything, all that's out there -- and, in the end, we're worse off than ever!

THIS is exactly the time to LET GO. When you come to a point when you're trying TOO HARD at something, that you 'hit the wall' and/or just freeze, as if paralyzed -- then it's time to just 'surrender'. You know what you need to do. You know what you want to feel, look, and be like. So, just surrender. That's right! Give it up!

Now, wait a minute -- I didn't say GIVE UP! I said 'Give IT up'! What I mean is -- it's time to hand over that what you want SO badly to the One and to the Goodness of the universe. I mean it. Get off your own frenzied treadmill of the 'ups and downs and merry-go-rounds'.

Just take a deep breath and let go. Release all your good intentions, all the knowledge and skills you've pushed yourself to obtain and practice, all the desperate desires for yourself -- and start LIVING IN PEACE.

It's uncanny! What happens is that your life then truly 'unfolds' in just the way you need it to. You will actually start to see the results you've longed for. Even if it takes some time and. perhaps, a few crazy false-starts -- life will just 'emerge' in the way you've always envisioned it for yourself.

I can't explain it. All I know is, it's a much better dynamic than 'spending so much time, energy, emotions, and effort' with no results or worse yet, going backward.

'Letting go' and 'living joyfully' is alot more interesting and fun!


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