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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Do Americans Hate Fat People? My opinion

I just read:

What's also interesting about this blurb are the comments. I mean, are people SO clueless and brutal??!! Well, thankfully, not all people are. I don't think the point of this article was to garner sympathy and 'acceptance' for obese or 'fat' people or, certainly, the obesity epidemic. It was absolutely NOT intended to muster up a whole 'pity party' for obese people complete with gushy, smushy, blubbering pats on the back and hugs all way round. NO one HATES 'fat people' more than people who re overweight hate themselves. People who struggle with obesity, regardless of the reason(s) it occurred, don't need Americans or Europeans or the man on the moon to hate them anymore than they hate themselves or to bring any more hate and negativity and hopelessness into their lives than they already have. THAT'S what this article, in my humble opinion, is just trying to say. NOW, the reasons WHY obese and 'fat' people ARE that way IS the real issue or, should I say, ARE the REAL ISSUES , as it is these underlying issues that have to be elucidated and dealt with in order to help EFFECTIVELY and SUSTAINABLY treat and prevent obesity. People do not set out in life to become fat and don't WANT to get or STAY obese. Blaming them or telling them, in so many words, that this is what they DO TO THEMSELVES, is not accurate. Yes, their eating and physical inactivity behaviors MAY result in getting them and keeping them obese, but these behaviors are DRIVEN by something -- emotional, physiological (actually, more patho-physiological), psychological, socio-cultural, environmental, etc. Whatever that 'something' IS or 'somethings' ARE has to be identified and addressed AS WELL AS HOW to regulate the eating and physical activity behaviors. All this article is trying to present is that obesity is a COMPLEX issue that cannot be oversimplified into just: overeating+not enough physical activity = obesity. It is downright FOOLISH to accept that people who are obese ONLY need to stop eating and exercise more and those that can't or won't are weak, lazy, stupid, stubborn, creepy, or whatever else you want to describe them as, in whatever negative terms you feel hits them hardest, in order to make it abundantly clear that they are HATEFUL IF THEY ARE FAT! Obesity IS wrong. It feels bad, it does bad things to the body, and it can look bad. But people who are obese ARE NOT BAD PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE OBESE. Enlightening yourselves into understanding more about obesity, why it exists, and how to approach, treat, and prevent it can do much much more to arrest this senseless and sad epidemic and to truly 'ENLIGHTEN' -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND LITERALLY/ PHYSICALLY - those of our fellow brothers and sisters who are affected by it! Thanks for the article! :)

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