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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The wisdom in happiness

One of my great kids just sent me this article:

It's so cool having one of your children caring enough about you that they want you to know what's up in the world re: how to be happy.   

THAT makes me happy! :)

I do agree with points made in the article -- alot of it is true,  
especially being thankful and spending more time with people you WANT to be around, not people who make us feel bad about ourselves.  But, through the course of my life, it's become abundantly clear that it's sometimes necessary to spend time with people who make us feel bad. So,  I've learned to really try to see as much of the good in these people as I possibly can -- well, as long as I have to be with them. For years, I just put up a front and cried in secret or comfort ate while still thinking how mean or nudgy they were to me. Now, I just try to accept people the way they are. I'm not going to change them nor will confronting them really change them or what they think of me. But I CAN change how I feel about them or how I feel what it's like being around them and how it affects me.

And that's what I wrote back to my daughter. She answered me that this was a really wise comment and she will work on doing this, too.  

THAT made me happy!

I also told her to make a nice cup of  hot tea and to stay warm!

These are the beautiful moments that keep me going!

xo MJ

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