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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bless Your Body, Heal Your Soul

Listen folks....for the past week, I've been sitting in hospitals, clinics, and oncology units -- not for myself, but with a loved one. I've been in these settings plenty of times before, professionally, and as the caregiver, not accompanying a family member who is the vulnerable and needy recipient of care. Both experiences have emphasized the need for each person to take charge of their own health and to take care of their bodies by eating healthy, getting regular exercise, not smoking or drinking excessively, and to live an overall healthy lifestyle. But seeing my dear loved one, who is still so sharp in mind, but suffering in body -- literally losing her soul and spirit, has been a very painful experience for me. More than ever, I am certain that choosing to life healthfully is the way to live -- not just to take care of my body, but to receive the BLESSINGS of my body from the Greatest Physician and Healer. I KNOW now that THIS is my way to heal my soul. I belive we all have hurting souls on this earth. But to listen to the sound recommendations of knowledgeable experts on healthy diet, exercise, and habits and more importantly, to PRACTICE this in your daily lives is to live a blessed life. Do it, people. You will feel uplifted and avoid alot of the heartache and regrets of disease -- especially preventable disease. There are diseases that just happen, regardless, but why add to your odds of heartache, frustration, and losing your spirit before it's ready. Bless your body NOW -- Heal your soul NOW and FOREVER!

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