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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fumblers and Stumblers

Do you know what else I've learned as I participate in the TLC of my loved one through her devastating illness? As expert as the 'experts' are -- from every discipline -- medical, social services, nursing, home-care assistance, etc -- even from my own field which is nutrition and dietetics -- in taking care of someone who is compromised through disease - we are all just fumbling through. Don't get me wrong -- I don't mean to undermine any one of these disciplines -- in fact, giving BEST care involves the concert of all of us. It truly does become a symphony of care. But NO ONE and NOTHING will ever deliver the best care to you, as the people who love you. So, I'm experiencing a great learning curve here as someone who has worked in health-care settings all my life -- the patient his/her-self and those closest to them know best, no matter what pearls of advice I think will work for them. That doesn't mean I stop working my tail off to find the best products, protocols, and tips and advice for them -- it simply means that, given having all the best knowledge and advice, it is ultimately in the hands of a Greater Power than all that we have and often fall short of.
I've also learned that such creativity and ingenuity flows from the power of love. The nurses and doctors are astonished at some of the newfangled ideas and tips we have stumbled upon that work better than anything they could have thought of. I also remember how resourceful folks were in finding ways to nourish their loved ones, even after all the ideas and tips I thought I had exhausted for them. So, I pray for you and yours that you have someone(s) to love you. I pray that YOU love -- strong and true. You, then, will be cared for so very well when your days come. Oh, your loved ones will fumble and stumble through the process, but you will be pampered-- anointed with care. And, of course, most important == please be 'right' with the Great Physician -- that's really why you even had life to begin with. If you're like me,you stumble and fumble through this life -- make your everlasting life be all that you've dreamed it would be!

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