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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Eucryl, Flossing, ANYTHING!

Sometimes you really have to try everything you can to stave off giving in to the temptation to eat when you truly are not hungry. This is especially true during the holidays when there are SO much tasty foods, drinks, and goodies around.

A tip I've often resorted to is just getting up and brushing my teeth. It helps because it takes your mind away from food, it gets you out of the vicinity of food, it makes you look at yourself in the mirror, focusing on your MOUTH which makes you stop and think that you don't want that mouth to be eating -- especially after brushing. What really REALLY helps is taking the extra steps of flossing, too!

Flossing makes you dig right into the inbetween bits of your teeth and takes even MORE time.....time to think....time to realize how not worth it it is to eat when you're not hungry and to eat high-sugar, high-fat treats -- not now -- after you've so fastidiously cleaned your mouth and teeth.

Taking things a step further, you could also try brushing your teeth with Eucryl. Now, you wouldn't be able to do this more than twice a week, but those 2X/week will make a whitening and brightening difference in your teeth and smile which will further make you stop and think -- 'I want to look good...I want to look great -- why would I eat that piece of cake or pie or cookie or chocolate or whatever-- not after I've worked so hard and I wouldn't want to spoil my dazzling smile,now, would I?!'

Eucryl is a whitening powder. It's sold in the UK. I've never seen it in the States, but I never looked for it there. I would ask at a pharmacy if they have it. It works better than whitening strips, in my opinion, and it's much much cheaper. It CANNOT be used on damaged, teeth, though.

Pick up your tooth brush instead of that handful of chips.

Think Beautiful Smile instead of Bloated Belly!

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