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Monday, 24 January 2011


People who make you feel bad -- whether intentionally or unintentionally -- can really undermine, sabatoge, ruin, and crush your plans to live a healthy lifestyle -- to eat what's good for you and to stick to your exercise schedule. People who bring you down can trigger your need to 'balm' yourself and your hurt, causing you to stuff yourself with junk or high-fat-high-calorie foods. This whole dynamic is not only SOUL-ROBBING, it's BODY-ROBBING. It can get right in the way of YOU loving yourself to go after the life you want to lead, be the person you want to be, and look like the person you ARE, on the outside, as the person you are on the inside.

Soooooo, please -- stay AWAY from people who affect you like this!!!! Find a way to not have to be around these people and if you MUST -- try to have someone who is GOOD for you around. If you MUST be around people who bring you down, if you have the strength, tell them about it, talk to them. If you can't -- write your 'hurt' and your feelings in a journal, in a letter to someone who understands and loves you, and even to one of us 'bloggers' out here in cyberspace. Just DON"T ROB yourself of your soul, your body, and your dignity! No one should and DOES have that kind of power over you!

Keep smiling!:))

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