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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Need To Shed That Extra Weight?! Make It Simple For Yourself!

I know you desperately want to lose your unwanted extra fat weight. I know you're longing to be fitter, to feel better, to look great, and to show yourself and the world the REAL YOU -- the person, who, on the outside, expresses the person you are, on the inside.

SO many factors come into play as to WHY IT IS SUCH A STRUGGLE to achieve that goal and that reality. In my previous post, I alluded to some of that -- the fact that obesity is a multifactorial event that warrants a multidisciplinary approach. On top of that, there is SO MUCH INFORMATION everywhere you turn about it -- what to do about it, HOW to manage it, what happens if you don't lose your fat, what research is showing about this nutrient and that food or this enzyme and that hormone and how it affects your ability to lose or gain weight, what exercises you need to be doing and for how many minutes of your day, your week, your LIFE!!

It's great to see so much effort and time, and focus on obesity and the obesity epidemic and ways to resolve it.

BUT, it's very important for YOU to just DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOURSELF.

If what is holding you back from achieving your goal is mainly EMOTIONAL, then seek and get EMOTIONAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING.

If it's lack of knowledge about food and nutrition, then invest in dietetic advice. Your local GP and/or hospital will have a dietitian on staff or access to information on how and where to see a dietitian to help you sort out your nutritional needs. You may even need to go on a drastic Very Low Calorie Diet or Low Calorie Diet before you reach a weight whereby you achieve your 'optimal-lifestyle' diet, thus, you NEED the expertise and monitoring of a qualified, knowledgeable dietitian (preferably a REGISTERED DIETITIAN) or nutritionist.

If it's lack of exercise or physical activity -- enlist the assistance of a personal trainer, join a gym, or just start walking, swimming, cycling, hiking, etc. more. If you feel too unfit or unwell to exercise, then PLEASE, pursue getting a full medical check-up and get your GP on board from the get-go to help you get moving in the right way and with monitoring and support! And if the GP puts you off or patronizes you, INSIST on being taken seriously!!!!

The point is -- MAKE IT SIMPLE for yourself. Reflect and decide what is the MOST LIMITING FACTOR that stops you from GETTING THE BODY YOU WANT and BEING THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE -- the BEST VERSION of yourself! Once you tackle the ONE THING that is YOUR GREATEST OBSTACLE -- the other factors' of the MULTIFACTORIAL enigma of obesity will start to fall into their proper place.

And, if it's not YOU YOURSELF, but a LOVED ONE -- ESPECIALLY if it's your CHILD -- PLEASE, I IMPLORE you -- do whatever you need to do for them to address the ONE THING they need to do to lose their overfat status and get the body they have been blessed with become FIT and HEALTHY -- SOONER rather than later!!!

Start with the ONE issue that needs attention THE MOST!

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