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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Let's face it -- losing unwanted fat, building and toning muscle tissue, and more importantly, adapting a healthy lifestyle, requires good old-fashioned discipline added to the mix of balanced diet and a necessary physical activity level.
What's even harder is to UNLEARN poor cognitions and habits and RETEACH yourself new and better ways of thinking and behaving when it comes to your food choices and activity/exercise habits.
This brings me to the notion of 'Sacrifices'. This is a concept that, actually, seems to be forgotten in today's environment of people wanting what they want and wanting it 'yesterday'; of looking out for number one and not stopping till 'no. 1' gets it all and just the way he/she likes it; of instant gratification, at all costs.
I grew up Catholic and 'sacrifices' was an important part of practicing our faith tradition. The tradition especially condoned and encouraged 'discreet' sacrificial actions -- giving up something or doing something kind or extra, without announcing it to the world or telling anyone. We were taught that God's grace would be bestowed on you or others, through your sacrifice. You know what -- I really believed that and I still do. Exercising a bit of sacrificial restraint or, on the other hand, pro-action, while getting yourself healthier is a very constructive concept and practice. Offer your discomfort, or for some folks, it may be downright pain and suffering, for people or for some purpose that needs grace. Make your actions count for the good of humanity. Certainly, as you, yourself, become more the person you want to be -- you will become that much more a positive presence in the world. Ask God to strengthen you as you strive to achieve your goals and as you practice sacrifices and offer them up to Him, for the grace and good of His world, His people, and His purpose.

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