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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Cool, clear, water!!

Take a look:

Kids really need to drink more water! Water is the universal solvent. It has a neutral osmolarity and osmolality. In other words, it makes whatever you eat that much more nutritious because it breaks it all down -- optimally -- without needing to equalize its own tonicity or 'substance' -- it just helps dissolve the tonicity and consistency of the contents of what solids are eaten. And that means that all your delicious and nutritious foods will be optimally absorbed. Your foods are not competing with syrupy, sugary drinks. Sweetened beverages -- be they sodas or juices, have a certain 'charge' -- they have to be 'neutralized' before they release the water part of their fluid. Plus, sweetened drinks have 'empty calories' -- no vitamins or minerals or electrolytes --you don't get much from them BUT sugar and calories in exchange for the fluid -- SO, you are much better off just getting the pure fluid WITHOUT the calories from water! You also need to know that the so-called 'fortified' water products add very little in the way of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes than normal water. They are expensive and unnecessary and they often DO contain sugar or sugar substitutes and also have increased tonicity and osmolality -- defeating one of the solvent advantages of pure water.

Milky products also have a 'charge' that needs to be neutralized. But milk and milk drinks are important sources of calcium, protein, and vitamins A and D. But, we only need only so much per day -- for kids, 3-4 servings, and for adults -- 2 servings.

Water is already, automatically neutral and ready-made to quench those thirsty cells of ours. This, in turn, makes our cells thrive and do all their bodily processes and activities that they need to do without squeezing, struggling, and gasping. Kids run around, talk, sing, play, think, question,and scream alot. AND, they are growing voraciously (hopefully). That's ALOT of processes and activities! So, the more water, the smoother the body functions, and the more optimally our children function in every way.

Instead of colas, juices, and other sweetened drinks, give them water. Most kids actually prefer cool, clear, water if its offered early-on and first. Because, trial and error shows them that water actually quenches thirst quicker and smoother than any other drink -- including milk. Kids DO need milk and milk products -- 3 -4 servings a day, for their calcium and protein and vitamins A & D (if fortified). But other than that, water should be the next beverage offered and consumed.

Be cool. Drink water.

Mary-Jo R. Overwater-Gervasio, MSc, MMSc, RD

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