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Monday, 6 September 2010

Fro Yo's -- concluding statement

Overall, I think what's best as you choose a frozen treat that is healthy AND tasty, is to reach for those that are less than 120 kcals and 3 gms fat per 1/2c serving or a single piece. It's a bonus when these treats contain some fiber and are higher than 1 gm protein per serving. It's also best when they are less than 100 mg sodium per serving.

Of course, your own taste preference will dictate the ones you reach for first. I, personally, like anything that contains chocolate, but, it's still trial and error. I find Turkey Hill's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough frozen yogurt absolutely disgusting, while the same brand's Banana Split flavor is very good and DOES contain enough chocolate to completely satisfy my craving for it, even though it's not in the product name.

IF you find yourself craving something richer, creamier, and more satisfying -- it's OK to occasionally select the higher kcalorie, higher fat frozen yogurt products (the ones in the 150+ kcals, 5-6 gms fat per 1/2c serving or single piece) as they are STILL much better than full-fat ice cream. Certainly,if and when you are well within your goal weight and/or fitness level, it's perfectly fine to even choose full-fat ice creams and rich desserts, but that pleasure is really an event that you need to reserve for very special occasions. Eating rich desserts and other high fat, high kcalorie, high-in-simple-sugars foods and snacks REGULARLY is what makes fat and unfit.

So, for me, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt IS higher in kcals and fat per serving than some of the others, but it's something I choose when I KNOW I need that richness to help keep me on the straight and narrow for the rest of my healthy eating plan for the week. That is, I keep it in the freezer for the occasional every-two-weeks treat.

Be cool! Star Bene!

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