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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Know Your Fro-Yo's -- cont'd

There are some wickedly delicious frozen yogurts on the market to help anyone who wants to have a treat while still following a weight loss or eat-healthy program. Only thing is -- you MUST know which one(s) to choose so that you don't end up undermining/sabotaging all your hard-won results and best efforts. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Edy's Cookies'n Cream 1/2 cup(68 g) kcals--120
total fat--3.5 g
sat fat--2 g
trans fat--0 g
cholesterol--10 mg
sodium--55 mg
total carbohydrates--20 g
sugars--15 g
protein--3 g

Turkey Hill Chocolate
Marhmellow 1/2 cup(68 g) kcals--110
total fat--0 g
cholesterol--0 mg
sodium--110 mg
total carb--24 g
sugars--18 g
fiber--1 g

Turkey Hill Peanut
Butter Pie 1/2 cup(68 g) kcals--160
total fat--7 g
sat fat--2.5 g
cholesterol--0 mg
sodium--95 mg
total carb--22 g
sugars--16 g
fiber--1 g

PLEASE take note of the difference in the kcals and total fat content of the two Turkey Hill flavors. You can choose either one, but my recommendation is to choose the higher kcalorie selection once or twice a week while feeling free to partake of the lower kcal, 0 fat flavor daily. AND, this does not mean you can have several servings a day -- choose frozen yogurt as part of your balanced diet however it fits into your plan -- as a milk serving mainly, but it can also be your dessert in place of fruit and certainly in place of a fattening, sugar-laden, saturated fat, trans-fat, cholesterol-laden dessert. I will post more examples of frozen yogurt recommendations tomorrow, including the 'Skinny Cow' desserts.

Keep cool!

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