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Monday, 30 August 2010

Know your Fro-Yo's! They are NOT all created equal!

With the long, hot summer that we have experienced this year and no end in sight, according to the latest forecasts, frozen 'treats', no doubt, have been enjoying a banner year. For those of us who want to partake and refresh ourselves, yet not ingest our bodies with the loads of fat, sugars, and kcalories that goes with these treats, perhaps the many delicious frozen yogurts in the freezer section have called out to you.

Which one did you choose? You see, there are VAST differences amongst the myriad of flavors, concoctions, & consistencies and you need to know.

Remember the 'Seinfeld' episode where everyone thought that a certain frozen yogurt was so low in fat and kcalories that the gang was eating copious amounts of it, thinking they were going all healthy, only to find themselves gaining weight at rapid rates, getting bloated, and feeling like crap? Well, not too far from the truth, my friends, with a few of these options on the market. IMO, frozen yogurts, in general, are a better choice than ice cream, if you need to watch your fat, cholesterol, and kcalorie intake OR if you are a person who is NOT a self-regulator -- ie -- someone who CAN be perfectly satisfied with the scoop or two a couple times a week. But, if you're like me -- and find yourself reaching for the tub of tasty, frozen 'relief' daily -- you better know what's in the stuff and choose as wisely as you possibly can or you will MOST definitely sabotage your finest efforts to lose weight, keep weight off, eat healthy, etc -- whatever your goal(s) may be.

Frozen yogurts range from 240-60 kcals, 7-9 gms fat per 1/2 cup serving to 100 kcals, 0 gms fat per 1/2 cup serving. That's a HUGE difference and I haven't even mentioned the carbohydrates and simple sugars content issue involved here. Tune in tomorrow for which ones to choose and why. Off the top of my head, I'll just say -- if you DO go with one of the higher kcal, fat choices like Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie -- yes -- they probably are better tasting and creamier, BUT you have to know that you MUST choose these ones as if they are a rich dessert like a rich ice cream or any other rich dairy dessert. These yogurts would NOT be the type that you could feel free to choose every day without undermining your weight loss/ health promotion efforts. Kemp's Cookies and Cream would be a choice that fits into the latter category. A 1/2 cup serving of it has 100 kcals and o gms fat. The taste and texture of it, IMO, is as enjoyable as the B & J's. Almost. More choices and recommendations tomorrow.

Stay cool.

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