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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

'Eat, Eat, Eat' -- a novel by me and must-see movie about my emotional, personal travels through the USA

I mean it!! The title rip-off was a wide open notion that spoke to me right now.

It won't be long before I write the memoir of such a life -- probably from my extra-wide bed that I'll be confined to because I'll be too heavy to move again -- which will be my new home, as well, as I'll no longer be able to travel back and forth to different locations and/or countries.

After being stateside for a couple months, the reality hits again -- one just eats MORE here by just being here! It's the way of life here. One really has to work at watching portions, shopping through the enormous food markets that much carefully, and dodging fast-food joints, cafes, snack-bars, etc that much more artfully to get AWAY from all the food cues. And even though there is a tremendous amount of anti-obesity marketing, actions, and alternatives happening -- there's still a plethora of choices that scream 'Eat Me, I'm Fattening' out there. And people are still obese, sustaining their obesity, getting obese, and gaining weight and fat.

I DO see folks exercising and there ARE healthy and healthier foods around, but something is STILL awry. I feel it has alot still to do with cost. Healthier still seems to mean costlier. And even if that gap is starting to shorten -- getting ADVICE and guidance from experts on HOW TO execute and implement the changes to healthy and, more importantly, how to stay motivated, on track, and BACK on track after faltering -- well, that costs, too. What I see here is that so many experts are SO caught up in trying to cash in on overweight and obesity. It used to be that the fringe companies and outfits were doing this and now I see legitimate professionals rabidly competing shamelessly whilst overcharging clients and inflating their costs for therapy.

Again, I say -- the environment will change when people change and DEMAND health. This will happen when folks stay the course until their bodies PHYSICALLY change and they sustain the changes long enough to desire healthier options. This sustained change dynamic will occur if people get the monitoring and long-term follow up they need until they master the ability to change. They will get the long-term follow-up when they can afford to pay for it and the RIGHT professionals deliver it -- not some over-inflated fringe provider. And when the properly trained professionals don't have to inflate their prices to compete with charlatans, then, maybe, just maybe, obesity and overweight statistics will drop in the USA.

And then I can go back to writing my other book which will be a bestseller and made into a runaway movie hit called -- 'Eat, Enjoy, Be Fit'!!!!

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