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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Downstairs Bathroom -- the most popular 'gig' in town!

What is it about my downstairs bathroom that makes everyone and anyone want to use it. And I don't mean just 'use it' -- I mean -- so many people who ask to use it, end up conducting their full-blown, outrageous, and complete business in it, whether it's for their weekly or daily 'meeting'.

And it doesn't matter what country I'm in -- you know -- the bathroom, the WC, the powder room, the loo -- folks absolutely find the need to use it.

Not just the family, next-of-kin variety, including the odd returning university student/graduate and her many and myriad friends with her, but also other close and distant relatives,friends -- even if they've just popped over for a short visit -- it always seems like the 'need' pops up, too, as soon as they take a peek at my toilet out of the corner of their eye if the door was left somehow ajar; friends who, of course, spend hours, even days crashing here, and who, of course, are welcome to it, albeit, WHY do they seem to wait until they're here for the full-monty experience; friends of family and friends who come to pick up or drop off said family and friends;the little kid down the road who lost his soccer ball in my backyard and who needs to walk through the back door to fetch it; hell, even the men servicing any parts of the home whatsoever, be it the airco/heating guy, the gas man, the electrician, the guy servicing the appliances, workmen building or repairing my place for various reasons, dare-I-say, even the gardener, as sooty as he can be, suddenly having the 'urge' as he was momentarily explaining, as he caught me at the back door on my mad dash out to run errands, how he just lined up the conifers at the far end of the yard.

Granted, I pride myself in how clean, pristine, cozy, and welcoming I make my downstairs bathroom -- never dreaming it would become everyone's go-to 'throne'! OTOH, if everyone leaves here, feeling comfortable, restored, 'relieved',and most importantly, consciously or unconsciously SO GOOD about knowing that there's a place in this crazy world where they can 'practice' their 'affairs' in 'peace' without question or judgement whatsoever.....

Well, I'll just keep the disinfectant spray and gloves handy after each flush, and move in when the coast is clear, as often as needs be with a smile and a swoosh.

I just HOPE that when the plumber needs to 'visit', it isn't because it's warranting a megabucks repair or unblocking and if it DOES -- please have it so happen on the plumber's watch! That, to me, would be the boldest sign, to date, of the greatest good karma EVER!

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