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Sunday, 6 February 2011

I can't wait until tomorrow

Sorry, folks, but today was a bust for me. Actually, oddly enough -- the only thing I DID do right was choose to eat healthy. So, perhaps today hasn't been a total write-off.

In my former days of being disappointed by people and life, in general, I would turn to food -- preferably junk food -- to somehow ease the pain and balm the hurt. My body can't take that type of abuse anymore -- I actually get really ill and feel like total crap if I do that.

In fact, eating healthy has become one of the ways I DO make myself feel good when I feel down. Who would have ever thought?! I find that puttering around in the kitchen with colorful, wholesome, and really GOOD healthy food CALMS me and makes me feel CONSTRUCTIVE and soothed against the backdrop of totally crap people and situations.

I won't get into specifics, but people can totally suck sometimes. People can be selfish, self-absorbed, and only interested in you for what they can suck out of you. And they do it all in such a way as to cover themselves -- they act like THEY are the sad victims of life's unfairness. BAH!

I actually cried after I walked away from a few people who really and truly threw me for a loop. But, I walked away with my head held high and I cried alone, in privacy.

I STILL really feel down as I have the whole day. Perhaps I should have taken a walk or gone to the gym. It was a cold, miserable, and rainy day, so I didn't do that - but I did create a wonderful dish for the family of whole wheat spaghetti with a 'sauce' made of garlic, baby pomodori tomatoes, and fresh anchovies and greens, crushed to a paste and sauteed in a scant tablespoon of olive oil. I folded the 'sauce' into the cooked spaghetti and served this with a salad of fresh rocket with lemon and olive oil dressing and toasted pine nuts.

I drank some lovely lemon ginger tea. This is so soothing and delicious when made with fresh grated or sliced ginger, grated lemon rind, and sliced lemons. Just steep boiling water through those fresh ingredients and a normal tea bag (you can use de-caf tea if desired) and -- voila-- instant comfort with a boost! It is a feast for the senses -- smell, taste, and warmth. If you don't need to watch your sugar or kcalorie intake, you can add honey.

I curled up on the sofa and watched a funny episode of '30 Rock' and then some English period drama.

People CAN suck, but tomorrow will be better. I'm sure of it. I KNOW someone will do something wonderful for me and all faith in humanity will be restored. I can hardly wait!

Sweet dreams!

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