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Friday, 1 April 2011

Foodie Vision

Did I tell you? I have an incredible talent. I amaze myself sometimes.

I'm like Einstein, Bach, Mozart, Picasso, and van Gogh rolled into one person when it comes to MY special gift ....

the Einstein of edibles....

the Bach of 'boy, now THAT looks YUMMY!...

the Mozart of muffins, cakes, pies, tarts, confections, etc. and so on, and so forth....

the Picasso of 'pretty much anything that I KNOW is delicious but decadently laden with kcalories, fat, and sugar'....

and the van Gogh for 'GO for it! When will you be able to try THIS again???!!!'

You see, I've lived in SIX countries and I've travelled extensively. And I seem to have the uncanny ability to pick out the MOST FATTENING FOODS in all and any country I've ever been to -- ZOOM!

'Frites met satesaus' or 'kaas souffle' or 'kroketen' in The Netherlands

'gaufre' or 'croque monsieur' in Belgium

Dundee cake, Scotch whiskey syllabulbs, Walker's butter biscuits in Scotland

Pyrog meat and kapusta pies, blini with caviar and sour cream, beef strogonoff in Russia

Bacon baps, Eton Mess, fish 'n chips in England

Apfel strudel in Austria, rosti and raclette in Switzerland

And so on......

Thank God, I am an Italian-American who grew up eating the old-fashioned recipes from the home country, so I was a BIT USED to all the delicacies of Italy before I arrived there and travelled extensively enjoying the fresh-baked breads, handmade pastas and polenta dishes, and wonderful custards, cakes, and confections.

There could be grilled or baked this or that or fresh fruits and veg here and there, but , nooooooo, I zone in!

And, believe me -- in EVERY country there ARE healthy choices PLENTIFUL!!! In fact, if I'm totally honest with you -- TREATS are TREATS -- even to the locals!

All those slender, toned, healthy-looking Dutch, French, Italian, Brazilian, German, Swiss, Austrian, Russian,Scottish, Middle Eastern, African, Greek and Turkish beauties as well as the radiant English and Irish roses -- they are NOT REGULARLY partaking of the local 'sinker' fare of their wonderful countrysides.

They TREAT themselves, for sure,every once in a GREAT while, but they, too work at enjoying the light, fresh, healthy cuisines that their countries have to offer.

And me?! Well, after almost 25 years, I THINK I'm finally getting it!!!

Sometimes, I CAN handle having the goodies and sometimes,I just have to say NO! It is as it is. Life goes on and I've learned that my 'Foodie Vision' is both a blessing and a curse and I have to fine-tune and tweak it from time to time or it takes over.

No matter where in the world you will find me......sigh!


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