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Friday, 29 April 2011

Heaven and Hell

Do you know what I love about life? and living?


the chance to start again and 'do over' no matter how much I muck up.

It's actually rather HEAVENLY -- to still have TIME and to be able to:

be giving and kind to people around me instead of self-centered and aloof,

to contribute in whatever ways I can to help make the world a better place -- even in small ways,

laugh -- even after going through sadness, hurt, loss,

learn new things,

spend time with my loved ones and meet new people,

go to my favorite spots and travel to new places,

make WISER and BETTER CHOICES about food, drink, possessions and material goods, my body, and relationships -- so as to not take it all for granted or OVER-CONSUME anything or FEEL ENTITLED to HAVE and HAVE and HAVE without thinking of the consequences to both myself and others!

What a MIRACLE it is to still have a NEW DAY or even a NEW MOMENT to be FREE and to have the RIGHT TO CHANGE! Like I said....


Do you know what HELL, for me would be?

Living the same day OVER and OVER -- day after day -- of having the same:

heart attack or
stroke or
bout of indigestion or
feelings of bloatedness,cramping,
shortness of breath,
headaches and migraines,
unfit,achy joints,
back,shoulder,neck pain,
pain in my feet,
alienation from others,
cancer of body, mind, and soul....

OVER and OVER -- DAY after DAY...

with NO chance anymore to change.

Losing the ability -- the freedom -- the right -- the opportunity to start over again!


Doomed to a life of any or all of the above FOREVER!


HELL.... on Earth.

Please! Don't settle for HELL!

While you still can, choose HEAVEN!

That IS YOUR right, YOUR freedom, YOUR gift that has been given to you without anything expected in return, BUT YOUR ETERNAL HAPPINESS and HEAVEN.

THAT IS the MIRACLE, my friend!

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