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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Take It Day By Day

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present. ~Babatunde Olatunji

Those of us that live in free lands -- where we have decent, if not lovely homes, supermarkets, neighborhoods, and surroundings -- are truly blessed.

And yet, we still suffer. We are lonely. We are frustrated. We still experience grief at losing loved ones. We still get overwhelmed by responsibilities in caring for our children, our aging parents, our sick family members and friends. We have bills to pay. We still have to work at our relationships -- with spouses, with partners, with children, co-workers, with parents and siblings, with friends. We still feel misunderstood. We still get ill ourselves.

Whatever life IS and brings -- it IS as it IS. I KNOW its important to plan for the future, and, also, to learn from past mistakes, but EACH DAY is a NEW BEGINNING and a new chance to LIVE WELL.

When you wake up each day -- really look at it as a GIFT -- a PRESENT to yourself.

Make GREAT choices -- eat healthy, engage in exercise or movement of some kind, enjoy fresh air. Be kind, understanding, patient. Take some time in the day to focus on a responsibility or two that you've been putting off and get action started on tending to it -- whether it's to pay a bill on time, to call a friend who has been waiting to hear back from you, to sit down with a child who needs your time and guidance, to call your Mom.

Take ONE DAY AT A TIME and MAKE IT A GOOD DAY. There's nothing better than going to bed at night feeling tired, but in a GOOD WAY -- that 'accomplished' way. It's also SO great to have your body feel HEALTHY at the end of a day -- your food is well-digested and you feel comfortable, light, and tired, but WELL -- because you chose to put healthy food into your body and to not OVEREAT, and you moved your body ENOUGH and in ways to innervate your body's physiological systems in just the ways they needed. Sleep will, most likely, be deep, peaceful, and sweet.


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