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Friday, 22 April 2011

Passion -- Become your TRUE desires!

The fulfillment of Jesus' life on earth is not what he did but rather
in what was done to him. Passion.
- Henri J. M. Nouwen

I really like how Henri Nouwen describes how Jesus FULFILLED His Life and the TRUTH of His Life on earth -- not ONLY by all that He DID -- preaching, teaching, performing miracles, leading, and taking control of all that he needed to do to fulfill His Destiny, BUT, by REACTING and PARTICIPATING in all the ways He did, to what was being DONE TO HIM -- PASSION!

Often, when we strive to live out our own TRUTH -- what it is in life we need to DO and BECOME in order to live our lives FULLY ENGAGED -- FULFILLING our goals -- our purposes -- our FULL potential -- contributing to the world the way we know we need to, we want to, what we SAID we WOULD STRIVE to do when we were full of ideals, full of energy, full of PASSION....

It actually involves all that we ACTIVELY DO -- YES -- but as life moves on and as we get older, we KNOW that things just happen. We get jobs. We have families. We get busy taking care of business. We become people who get sick and people who die and we spend time with friends and families of people who get sick and die. We get into ryhthms and routines. We spend time working the 'system' and get caught up. What happened to all that 'PASSION'?!!!

It's STILL there!!!!! Because 'PASSION' is about how we REACT to all that HAPPENS to us -- all that is DONE to us!!!

A huge part of living our TRUTH is about keeping our goals, our dreams, our aspirations, our ideals, and our potential to become who we WANT to BE by not only going after life ACTIVELY in all the ways we need to ACT but by REACTING with grace and wisdom to all that HAPPENS TO us so that the PASSION comes OUT EVEN MORE!!

THIS is what PASSION really IS! You find out what it IS you REALLY want for and IN your life -- what you are PASSIONATE about! If all that happens TO you, ends up DISTRACTING you from your goals, dreams, potential -- then, perhaps, that's not what you wanted and are about to begin with.

But, if through reacting to all that is done to you through life makes you THAT much more RESOLVED to accomplish goals, dreams, your potential -- what you picketed about, wrote essays about, visualized what you and the world could and WOULD BECOME with YOU IN IT -- BECAUSE YOU ARE IN IT -- then the PASSION is REAL and leading you to your FULL DESTINY!

Don't settle for just a life of DOING! Let your PASSION(S) drive you to LIVE -- FULLY and to become ALL that you can BE -- all that you were MADE FOR and MADE TO BE!

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