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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Seeing sad looking obese or overweight people with frowning spouses breaks my heart

I was at the gas station the other day pumping gas and doing what I love to do -- observing people. Out of the car at the pump next to me came a very heavy women. She was a bit rumpled and disheveled as if she and her companion had been driving for awhile. She looked around her trying to gauge the reaction of the people in her near vicinity. She had a sad, sheepish, almost frightened expression on her face. But, she then focused and went into the shop at the station to get drinks and, I think, other 'refreshments' -- I didn't really look. I was too distracted by the disapproving smirk that her companion gave her-- I'm pretty sure it was her husband -- as she walked into the shop. I got so choked up. Whatever the history or status of their relationship was or is -- no one deserves that type of disrespect and, possibly, even loathing. Really, he gave off that vibe of someone who was quite miserable. It just broke my heart. As she walked back out and made her way to the car, I noticed how rather cute she was, with beautiful coloring, and she had a well-proportioned body, albeit, quite obese. I couldn't help but think how gorgeous she may have been when they first met or married or in happier times. I pictured them laughing together and sharing interesting banter. Not the air of total boredom and discomfort in each others presence that they exuded. He was very thin and not a bad looking man at all. They typified the Jack-Sprat couple. Even that used to get my goat when I was studying about obesity and the various classifications of it. How insulting to have a relationship 'designated' like that. I said a small prayer for them as I finished pumping and placed the cap on my tank. I prayed that, somehow, she sheds her weight and, perhaps, revives the spark of happiness they both deserve for each other and for life.

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