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Monday, 18 October 2010

Self-regulators and Self-regulation

Let's talk about SELF-REGULATORS:

These are the people who say things to you like "Oh, I eat whatever I want" or "I eat as much as I want of whatever I want and STILL never gain an ounce" or "I eat TONS", etc. etc. And you look at them and, indeed, they look fit as fiddles and absolutely fabulous. So, DO they eat whatever they want and as much as they want? Are they to be believed?

Yes!! I believe them! BUT, you MUST realize that WHAT these people eat is probably very healthy -- HOW MUCH they eat is most likely totally within the range of reasonable intake for their needs, and their selection of high-calorie, high-fat, sugar-dense foods is very very likely few and far between and OCCASIONAL. They, very likely, INHERENTLY TREAT themselves every once in awhile, BUT, to them, this is eating 'whatever, whenever'. So, PLEASE be very aware of this. It is no accident that people who are already self-regulators, by nature, do not have problems with their weight. Their definitions of WHAT, HOW MUCH, WHENEVER are different than yours and mine. They WANT to eat this way!!

Let's talk about SELF-REGULATION:

The quality of SELF-REGULATION CAN BE LEARNED, though! So, those of us who, INHERENTLY, DO have issues with overeating and reaching for truly all the wrong foods, too frequently, and in amounts that FAR exceed our needs--can absolutely become as adept as inherent self-regulators in managing what we eat, how much we eat, and how frequently we take (or leave) sugar-,fat-, kcalorie-dense foods. We just need a little more practice -- that's all! We have to train ourselves to be AWARE and to get to know and love our bodies, to exercise regularly, to be DISCIPLINED, to FIND FOOD ALTERNATIVES that are healthy and tasty and which makes US feel satisfied and happy so that we will WANT to EAT that way! Practice, practice, practice and before you know it -- you make living like this a habit. You get yourselves in the 'zone of fitness' which, in itself, makes you WANT to self-regulate. Then, when you DO go back and relapse into the old bad habit(s), you feel SO lousy, that you WANT to return to the 'zone of fitness'.

SELF- REGULATION, as I said before, is my 'holy grail'. I've got it right now -- thankfully. Right now, I'm in my 'zone of fitness' and it feels SO good -- I feel great! I really and truly am an inherent 'NON self-regulator', so can you imagine how good this feels for me?! MY desire is for everyone who is like me, to get into this 'zone of fitness' and to feel this great. If you need and want help, please feel free to ask how I can personally help you, via, this blog. Your questions and frustrations probably reflect similar ones to many other folks. We're in this together and as long as we're here and somebody has to feel great on this earth -- it might as well be US!!!!

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